Adama Eco Village

Adama means eARTh. And we are all her children.

 As a Multi Diverse Universal family of souls, We are doing various projects. The Way of life that we develop here together, is the essence of our Commune Being.

“It’s not What You do – it’s the Way You Do It.”

We are A network of souls, dedicated to a commune way of living, Connection to mother nature and her natural cycles. We live off-the system’s main grid and practice different ways of sustainability, yoga, meditation and tribal wisdoms. We are learning and developing smart ecological systems and self-sufficient energy such as Solar energy, Home Biogas and Permaculture. We practice transparent Communication in our relationships and voluntary work, along Natural Constructions, healthy Nutrition, Healing practices and Holistic Natural Medicine.

We are located in the heart of the Western Galilee / Israel  between Jewish, Druiz, Muslims and Christian villages. It’s important for us to be at peace and to nourish peace with all of our neighbors, bringing healing and consciousness to the people through the Reconnection with Gaya – The intelligence of Mother earth. We believe that here in Israel, our home land, an Eco village and community project is the way to manifestate life of peace .

Praying for peace and harmony – within, between neighbors , religions, Countries, nations and cultures.. 

We feel the ancient conflict between Arabs & Jewish, and we know it is being healed through the connection with the Spirit of the  eARTh.

Here we develop an energy field which gives a home to the universal spirit of our times to simply be and to exist !!

we transform:

Daily stress – Daily Blessings

Daily confusion – Daily synchronization

Daily struggle – Daily Co-creation

Our doors are open for you, to come and enter the Majestic gate of the Universal peace culture.

Permacuture & Ecology

It is our responsibility to answer the call of Mother Nature. We must change the way we live, embracing a simpler, conscious, and more sustainable way of life.

Here at ADAMA, we are developing and nurturing a living system that harmonizes with the environment. We use bioconstruction to build our houses, utilizing natural materials crafted by our own hands. We recycle water,using BioGas systems, harness rainwater, and rely on renewable resources like solar energy. We build Terraces, plant trees and gardens of medicinals plants and vegetables. These choices lighten the footprint of humanity upon the Earth. We extend an invitation to all who seek inspiration. ADAMA serves as a school and gateway for individuals to learn and heal themselves and our planet. It is a place where we embrace a more sustainable, ecological, and balanced way of life. Rest assured, comfort need not be sacrificed. Within our smart ecological systems, we have found a way to harmonize with nature’s rhythm and cycles. We coexist with the movements of animals and plants, embracing the interconnectedness of all living beings.

Come to ADAMA and be inspired. Witness the beauty of a community dedicated to sustainable living. Join us as we learn, heal, and transform our way of life, embracing a future that is environmentally conscious, harmonious, and abundant for our children.

Want to plan a visit? We’ll love to have you here! Contact us

We work in Synchronization With Communities and people all around the world. like that, we nourish and Empower each other, giving inspiration and manifesting the Global Vision of the Unified Humanity – the Universal culture of peace.

We believe this is a fulfillment of an Ancient prophecy of Unification that comes alive in our generation. We are doing the best we can and we are honored to take part in the Planetary Service.

Help us Create Magic

All donations go directly to making a difference for our cause