Adama Eco Village


Peace garden program - tribal study in Adama

International project – creating a network of ecological communities, where life comes into synchronization with the natural time frequency.

What’s in the program?

  • Daily prayer, yoga, and meditation in a sacred, pleasant, and spacious practice space.
  • Learning the 13 moons calendar and daily work according to the codes of natural time. 
  • Living in connection with oneself and closeness to nature in a magical place in the Galilee Mountains. 
  • Experiencing and learning an ecological, sustainable, and communal way of life.
  • Shared vegan meals.
  • Community center with equipped kitchen, lounge, and solar power connection.
  • Shared accommodation in a communal space or in tents, with hot showers.

Take a break from the  race of life and come synchronize with the natural time

The frequency of eternity – the sacred here and now. The moment of magic where everything happens and everything is synchronized. Every plant and phenomenon in nature is beautiful and marvelously ordered because it is in sync with “natural time.” Through learning and following the 13 Moons Calendar, life comes into sync with the natural harmonious order and the mind becomes clearer and brighter.

Program facilitators


ido gan or

A healer, a teacher of yoga, meditation, and Tai Chi. An action-oriented visionary.  Musician,  guiding and leading prayers and ceremonies. Promoting an ecological and communal way of life in Israel and around the world, creating the infrastructure for the new world culture. An artist and a builder. “Agua Hara” water therapist. Married and a proud father of four children.


noam ini ben david

Healer, a guide for individuals, and a creative artist. In the past decade, he has released two albums of original music, conducted dozens of retreats and empowerment journeys for groups in Israel and around the world. He provides individual sessions through a self-developed shamanic psychotropic model. Father to 12-year-old Adamaya.

Ido and Noam are the founders of “Adama” – an ecological community in the Western Galilee and the initiators of the “Peace Garden” program. They carry in their spirits the vision of the universal peace culture and publish the – The “13 Moons Calendar” – in Hebrew in the past decade!

Integration options in the program

250 ILS per day / Work Exchange – contact us to schedule your arrival  

Full hosting for 13 days / 7 days / 4 days

054-2770004 / 0522201833 / www.adamaecovillage.cominfo@adamaecovillage.com