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“Who owns your time owns your mind . Change your time and you change your mind . Change your mind and you change your world .”

Jose Arguelles

Welcome to Adama Community Ecological Village

Adama means eARTh. And we are all her children. The way of life that we develop here together, as a Universal family of souls, is the essence of our project. As one of our maestros used to say: “It’s not What You do – it’s the Way You Do It.” We are A network of beings, living in a commun land, connected to mother nature and her natural cycles. Living off-the system’s main grid and practicing different ways of sustainability, learning and developing smart ecological systems, such as Solar energie, Home Biogas and Permaculture. We practice transparent Communication in our relationships and community work, along Natural Constructions, healthy Nutrition, Healing techniques and Natural Medicine.

We are located in the heart of the Western Galilee – Israel. between Jewish, Druiz, Muslims and Christian villages. It’s important for us to be at peace with all of our neighbours, bringing consciousness alive through the connection with Gaya – the eARTh. Here our doors are open for you, to come and enter the Majestic gate of the Universal peace culture.

We offer visits, Volunteer exchange, workshops, retreats, healing sessions, music studies, concerts, Singing circles, Natural construction studies, ceremonial studies and studies of the Natural Time and the Maya Calendar : The Global Shift of Perception from “Time is Money” To “Time is Art” ! Here we study the frequencies and the codes of the human D.N.A structure – The renewed connection of ourselves and the eArth.

We work in Synchronization With Communities and people all around the world. like that, we nourish and Empower each other, giving inspiration and constructing the Global Vision of the Unified Humanity – the Universal culture of peace.

We believe this is a fulfillment of an Ancient prophecy of Unification that comes alive in our generation. We are doing the best we can and we are honored to take part in the Planetary Service.

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